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Custom Made Audio Books For Children Or Adults
Each Story Is 100% Made To Order

Audio Book Examples

Custom Audio Books is your ultimate destination for personalized audio books that are created specifically for you. Every story is uniquely yours.

​Whether you're looking to tuck your little ones in with an enchanting bedtime story that casts them as the main character, or you're in search of a customized audiobook with a personal twist that details your life, we've got you covered.  

We'll create and record the perfect story and deliver it within 48 hours.

We create tales where your child faces friendly dragons, discovers hidden treasures, or embarks on magical journeys with their name seamlessly woven into each narrative. 

We write customized stories based on the information you provide to us specifically about your child. 

But we don’t stop at just fiction. If you’re seeking custom audio or help with your autobiography, we're here to help and craft the perfect auditory experience.

Call us toll-free at 800-819-5466 for more information and let us immerse you in a tale where every listener becomes a part of the story.

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