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Experience the thrill of being the star in your own bedtime story with our customized "Bedtime Story" audiobook. We'll create a 10-minute custom audio bedtime story and personalize every detail of it to make your child the star of the story. Every detail of the story is 100% customized using the information you provided on our Bedtime Story Questionnaire. Our expert narrators will bring the tale to life in a way that will captivate and entertain your child. Within just 24 hours of ordering, you'll have a unique and exciting bedtime story waiting in your inbox. Give your child the gift of a lifetime with our customized audiobook stories.
* Please make sure you have filled out the "Bedtime Story Questionnaire" prior to paying. 

Doing so will provide the information we need to create your Action Adventure Audiobook.
Here's a link to the questionnaire

10 Minute Customized "Bedtime" Audiobook Story.

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